Using this blog

I have created this blog for three purposes. Firstly, I want to provide a log of new materials and insights to include in my Western Civilization courses. Secondly, I want to offer my reflections on Western Civilization after a career dedicated to its study. Lastly, I want to provide a resource for my students, who frequently want to know more than I can provide in the confines of a traditional classroom lecture or an online module. These remarks on using this blog are directed at the latter audience.

I post on this blog on average once a day, depending on my schedule, what I am reading, and the material that comes in over the Internet and social media. Using the Search Categories pull-down menu in the right menu column, you can pull up all my posts linked under that category. At the bottom of each post there are category tags. Clicking on the tag will pull up all posts marked with that tag. Current students can also click on the WordPress icon next to each lecture topic on the syllabus.

I have set the blog to show my last 20 posts. Prior posts can be accessed through the monthly pull-down menu under Archives.

I have posted a series of resources in the right menu bar under “History Links”, “Museums”, and “Scholarly Journals”. Social media is an important part of this blog. I have listed a series of Twitter has tags that I regularly follow. I also maintain a series of Twitter lists, three of which I have included as well.

Please enjoy and do not hesitate to contact me with your observations or suggestions.

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