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Micro-level electoral analysis

Today I came across this amazing article in which Benny Johnson collects and displays precinct-level election returns for the U.S. presidential elections of 2008, 2012 and 2016. It very much the sort of thing that I do with historical German elections, … Continue reading

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Roman elections

I was out in Washington state last week and taken aback to find these ubiquitous “ballot boxes”. Many more than USPS drop boxes. Color me traditionalist! I have of necessity voted absentee on occasion, but I love the regularity of … Continue reading

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A History of the World in Maps

Shocking really, what you can find on the Internet. I found this incredible video on one of the blogs that I follow. It charts world civilization, displaying political entities year-by-year. Utterly fascinating. (BTW, it displays much better on a laptop … Continue reading

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New Books

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal reviewed two new books on evergreen topics that are sure to be of interest to students. The first is a biography of the Duke of Monmouth, the bastard son of Charles II who put … Continue reading

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Israeli archeologists uncover a Philistine cemetery 

Haaretz reports that a team of archeologists working at Ashkelon have excavated Philistine cemetery, the culmination of 21 years of work by the Leon Levy expedition. The site has implications for both Biblical and Egytpian archeology. Students will find reference … Continue reading

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Clash of Civilizations

In the post-1945 world, we continue to arrogantly assume that we (or at least the West) have transcended history, as if violence and the will-to-power has somehow gone away. The events in Germany in the past week – and now … Continue reading

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Research in the Holy Land

I have been back one week from a quick research trip to Jerusalem. As part of my work on Peasants & Jews, I needed to track down the records of East Fresian Jews who survived the Holocaust. As part of this, … Continue reading

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An interesting essay on the Roman frontier

I read a very interesting article this morning by Jakub Grygiel in The American Interest this morning. In “The Stages of Grief at the Frontier”, Grygiel looks at the life of St. Severinus along the Danubian frontier and details the … Continue reading

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Stab-in-the-Back available in August

Forthcoming in August, available now for pre-order, The Stab-in-the-Back Myth and the Fall of the Weimar Republic. A History in Documents and Visual Sources.  

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Did Dog-Human Relationship Drive out the Neanderthal?

My Mom has a bookshelf full of National Geographics going back to the 1960s. They have recently published some serious pieces on genomic discoveries of early humans. There work and illustrations on the Neanderthal have been particularly good. (You can … Continue reading

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Welcome back!

   It’s been a very exciting and fruitful summer. I spent May on a research trip in England and Germany. It was fantastic. I will be posting bits of it on this blog in the coming semester. Have a great … Continue reading

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How sophisticated were the Neanderthal?

'Neanderthal art' found in Gibraltar cave – Telegraph — Matthew Melnick (@mmelnick) September 2, 2014 As we learn more about the genome of early hominids, we have learned how they relate to us. Anthropologists excavating a cave inhabited at … Continue reading

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Off to Vienna!

I am flying out tomorrow (Easter) for the European Social Science History Association conference in Vienna. I’ll be pretty busy conferencing, sitting in cafés or out in the evening for some culture, but I plan to get to the Military History Museum and … Continue reading

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André Jeunet Collection – A French Soldier in World War 1 (via digital1418)

The digital collection André Jeunet Collection – A French soldier in World War I has been created by the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky. André Jeunet was a French soldier who fought at the front in France, in particular near the Somme … Continue reading

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A Day Off

I have taken the day off from blogging, class prep, and research to celebrate my 60th birthday. Well, my wife and I did spend the day in Cinci visiting bookstores and having a nice German lunch. And I did pick … Continue reading

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A new view of Robespierre

The History Blog today posted on “A Terrifying new facial reconstruction of Robespierre.” Using a plaster copy of a death mask Madame Tussaud claimed to have made from R’s decapitated head after he was guillotined on July 28th, 1794, forensic pathologists … Continue reading

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