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The Pax Romana

Pax Romana. War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World by Adrian Goldsworthy arrived from the library just as I was scheduled to lecture on the topic! How very frustrating. I immediately began reading the book in my typical ADD-style … Continue reading

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An Exciting New Development in Classical Scholarship

As an undergraduate student of the classics, I was fascinated by the fact that we did not have the whole corpus of Greek and Latin literature. I was very interested, for instance, in the pre-Socratics and was surprised to learn … Continue reading

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Tom Holland, Charlie Hebdo, and the history of Islam

On the way back from a conference in Glasgow, I picked up a copy of The New Statesman to read on the plane. The cover story concerned Tom Holland’s “In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the … Continue reading

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Digital mapping of the Ancient World

The Polis project that you can access through this site was supported by staff-time and substantial grants from Stanford University and from the Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences, Princeton University, the University of Buffalo, and the … Continue reading

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Roman Coins Online!

In my online HST121, I have students visit a numismatic website featuring Roman coins and ask them to write a brief comment on what we can learn from coins. As I learned today via Twitter: online coins of the roman … Continue reading

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The Loeb Classical Library now available online!

One of the pleasures of my undergraduate years was going to the library and pulling classical texts in the  Loeb Classical Library off the shelf. Well, the red volumes anyway. Loeb editions of Latin authors had red covers, those of … Continue reading

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Walking Hadrian’s Wall with Google Street View

Dr. Christoph Pallaske of the Historisches Institut at the Universität zu Köln has developed the most interesting site (segu or selbstgesteuert entwickelnder geschichts-unterricht) that allows users to visit historical places using Google Street View. One very interesting example is this walk along … Continue reading

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