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The latest on Bronze Age Greece

My students might be forgiven if they get the notion that I believe the entire world revolves around my Western Civ classes. Sometimes, however, it does. Yesterday I found online the announcement of of two incredible finds from Bronze Age Greece, … Continue reading

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An Exciting New Development in Classical Scholarship

As an undergraduate student of the classics, I was fascinated by the fact that we did not have the whole corpus of Greek and Latin literature. I was very interested, for instance, in the pre-Socratics and was surprised to learn … Continue reading

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Digital mapping of the Ancient World

The Polis project that you can access through this site was supported by staff-time and substantial grants from Stanford University and from the Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences, Princeton University, the University of Buffalo, and the … Continue reading

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The Loeb Classical Library now available online!

One of the pleasures of my undergraduate years was going to the library and pulling classical texts in the  Loeb Classical Library off the shelf. Well, the red volumes anyway. Loeb editions of Latin authors had red covers, those of … Continue reading

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