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The Pax Romana

Pax Romana. War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World by Adrian Goldsworthy arrived from the library just as I was scheduled to lecture on the topic! How very frustrating. I immediately began reading the book in my typical ADD-style … Continue reading

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The Viking Saga

I have earlier on these pages linked to sources addressing the current fascination with Northern peoples. I highly recommend to anyone interested Northmen. The Viking Saga AD 793-1241 by John Haywood.

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New Books

This weekend, the Wall Street Journal reviewed two new books on evergreen topics that are sure to be of interest to students. The first is a biography of the Duke of Monmouth, the bastard son of Charles II who put … Continue reading

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Did Dog-Human Relationship Drive out the Neanderthal?

My Mom has a bookshelf full of National Geographics going back to the 1960s. They have recently published some serious pieces on genomic discoveries of early humans. There work and illustrations on the Neanderthal have been particularly good. (You can … Continue reading

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The European Wars of Religion

Read a very interesting book review this weekend in the Wall Street Journal of Jeffrey Collins on the downfall of western Christendom: — WSJ Books Section (@WSJBookReviews) January 24, 2015 The review mentioned in the Tweet is sadly behind … Continue reading

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Elizabeth as Renaissance Prince

Follow the link and read this review of Elizabeth: Renaissance Prince by Lisa Hilton, published in History Today. Placing Elizabeth I in the context of the European Renaissance — History Today (@HistoryToday) January 6, 2015 The reviewer, Linda Porter, is … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Great War

I am preparing to teach an online course on World War I – the Great War – fall semester 2014. Books, especially on the July Crisis, are coming fast and furious, so its no easy task. Thankfully, R.J.W Evans has … Continue reading

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