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A History of the World in Maps

Shocking really, what you can find on the Internet. I found this incredible video on one of the blogs that I follow. It charts world civilization, displaying political entities year-by-year. Utterly fascinating. (BTW, it displays much better on a laptop … Continue reading

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An Exciting New Development in Classical Scholarship

As an undergraduate student of the classics, I was fascinated by the fact that we did not have the whole corpus of Greek and Latin literature. I was very interested, for instance, in the pre-Socratics and was surprised to learn … Continue reading

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Magna Carta

I follow Tom Holland – one of my favorite historians – on Twitter. He always has something interesting to say. In the tweet below, he brought my attention to an essay by David Carpenter in The Guardian: "What happened in a … Continue reading

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Maps and Historians

Geographers, cartologists, and historians have a lot to say to each other. (Most of it good!) Why Historical #Maps Still Matter So Much, Even Today #hgis #history — HGIS Lab USASK (@HGIS_UofSK) January 3, 2015 This linked article from … Continue reading

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Happy April Fools!

Fools dancing in a circle from a French version of "The City of God" at the Hague, c. 1480. — Benjamin Breen (@ResObscura) March 20, 2014

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Two new mapping resources

MT @natlibscot: Free online maps show how Victorian towns & cities developed — Steven Gray (@Sjgray86) March 21, 2014 Take a virtual stroll around Georgian London in these incredible 1830's London Street Views. — Keir Clarke (@KeirClarke) … Continue reading

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Timeline of the French Revolution

A week too late for this year’s lecture, an Interactive timeline of the French Revolution. I will embed it into my PowerPoint and use it next year for my online course.  

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