Stab-in-the-Back manuscript to publisher!

This evening I sent the text of The Stab-in-the-Back Myth. A History in Documents and Visual Sources off to Bloomsbury Press. In cooperation with Mark Sadler (my friend and former Honors student), I have been working diligently on it for the past nine months. We selected and translated a lot of German text, which then had to be organized and put into context. Too much of it sadly, had to end up on the cutting room floor. My darling Charlene, while she was copyediting the beast, remarked, “you’ve got material here for a really interesting book!” By which she meant a scholarly monograph, not a document reader. I can only agree. There are so many really interesting aspects of the catastrophic end of Germany’s Great War and its impact on the Weimar Republic that I would love to explore. In the interim, Mark and I have built a website – – where we can mount material that would not fit in our 80,000 reader and explore uncovered aspects of the Myth. 

But the first thing I am going to do tomorrow is take a deep breath and cut a dead limb out of our flowering crab is the front yard. Then grade 75 Civ essays. Then start on the next article, do to my editor June 30. This is a great life!

About George Vascik, Historian

A 1988 graduate of the University of Michigan, I have taught history at Miami University since 1992. I maintain blogs on teaching Western Civilization and on Great War. My research focuses on anti-Semitism and rural politics in northwest Germany. I am completing a monograph for Bloomsbury Press, Anti-Semitism and Rural Politics. You can follow my project at Along with Mark Sadler, I have published a book of primary documents on the Stab-in-the-Back Myth (Dolchstoßlegende). I also invite you to visit my profession web page at
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