I love Amazon for Christmas! Meine Gattin bought me two doorstops: Alan Watson, Ring of Steel and Stephen Kotkin, Stalin, Paradoxes of Power.

I have already dipped into a library copy of Watson and almost wish that I hadn’t. Prepping my Great War class this past semester, I was shocked to not only find the Austrian war effort more inept than I had imagined but also brutal beyond belief.

I am really looking forward to reading Kotkin’s take on Stalin. It comes highly recommended by Anne Applebaum, which is good enough for me.

And, thanks to an Amazon gift certificate from Bill and Ruth York, today I ordered Hermann von Kuhl’s two-volume Genesis, Execution and Collapse of the German Offensive in 1918. My Dolchstoß co-author Mark Sadler brought it to my attention last week and I am thrilled to be able to move on it.

About George Vascik, Historian

A 1988 graduate of the University of Michigan, I have taught history at Miami University since 1992. I maintain blogs on teaching Western Civilization and on Great War. My research focuses on anti-Semitism and rural politics in northwest Germany. I am completing a monograph for Bloomsbury Press, Anti-Semitism and Rural Politics. You can follow my project at http://peasantsandjews.org. Along with Mark Sadler, I have published a book of primary documents on the Stab-in-the-Back Myth (Dolchstoßlegende). http://www.dolchstosslegende.com. I also invite you to visit my profession web page at http://georgevascik.org.
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