Anne Boleyn’s Book of Hours

BBC Channel 5 is running a series, Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History. In the first episode, Henry and Anne (then a lady-in-waiting to Queen Catherine) wrote flirtatious messages to each other in Anne’s Book of Days. You can see the prayerbook on the British Library Medieval Manuscripts blog. Take a look.

Days1   This first contains Henry’s message to Anne scribbled below the picture of Christ as the Man of Sorrows.

This second page is Anne’s reply on a page about the Annunciation.   Day2

Imagine, putting such beautiful illustrations to such lascivious purposes. But then, if you attend my lecture on the Tudors, you know how highly I think of dear Henry.

I have attached to the BLMMB before. It should be no surprise that the blog has been shortlisted for the National UK Blog Awards (Arts & Culture category).


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