The Potato and I*

Students who have suffered through my lectures on the Agricultural Revolution no doubt think I have potatoes on the brain. Well, I’m not allow. A research project at Warwick University on the introduction of the potato in Early Modern Europe.

The Potato Project asks

  • How quickly, and by what routes, did the potato spread around the world in the decades and centuries after Europeans first laid eyes on the tuber in the mid sixteenth century?
  • Why did states across eighteenth-century Europe begin to promote the cultivation and consumption of the potato?

I could offer an answer to the second question. The answer to the first set of questions is murkier and will take the collaborative efforts of textual scholars. I wish them well!

*with apologies to the Fred MacMurray/Claudette Colbert comedy “The Egg and I.”

About George Vascik, Historian

A 1988 graduate of the University of Michigan, I have taught history at Miami University since 1992. I maintain blogs on teaching Western Civilization and on Great War. My research focuses on anti-Semitism and rural politics in northwest Germany. I am completing a monograph for Bloomsbury Press, Anti-Semitism and Rural Politics. You can follow my project at Along with Mark Sadler, I have published a book of primary documents on the Stab-in-the-Back Myth (Dolchstoßlegende). I also invite you to visit my profession web page at
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